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Advocacy Ink is a full-service public relations firm located in the metro D.C. area. Our clients include authors, organizations, issue campaigns, and candidates. Our mission is to advance free market principles and the client’s PR goals.

Public Relations

Advocacy Ink will get your issue the “ink” you need to win – by the column inch, online and over the airwaves.  We’re proud of our track record and our clients’ efforts to further free market principles and their organizations’ goals.  Armed with our media relationships and your message, we’ll help you succeed.  Contact us today for a proposal and our media menu, including:

  • Op-ed placement
  • Targeted talk radio shows
  • Press conference planning
  • Television interviews
  • Editorial board briefings
  • New media strategies and placement
  • Book tours and film screening promotions

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What We Do

Advocacy Ink has an extensive background with non-profit organizations, authors and political campaigns.  We maximize your budget while maintaining a focused and consistent message.  We work across all platforms of media: print, TV, radio, blogs, online ads, and 3rd party e-mail advertising.  

Press Releases

Communist Cuba's Legendary Heavy Metal Band, Zeus; A Feature Doc Will Tell Their Story

Havana and New York - The most iconic stars in Cuba are the members of Zeus, the country's oldest heavy metal band. They've performed in Havana since the 1980s, when this American-influenced music was officially banned by the Castro government. The long-haired rockers (called "freakies") were thrown in jail and concerts were broken up by state police.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Arts Award Application Now Open for Promising Artists with Financial Need


Lansdowne, VA - Today the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation announces the opening of its Graduate Arts Award application. The Graduate Arts Award recognizes and rewards America's up-and-coming artists from lower-income backgrounds with up to $50,000 per year for up to three years to attend an accredited graduate institution in the U.S. or abroad.

Generous Transfer Scholarship Opens Nationwide for Community College Students

Lansdowne, VA - The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation launched its application for the Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, the largest private scholarship in the nation for community college transfer students. This scholarship provides up to $30,000 per year for up to 75 students from a nationwide applicant pool who plan to transfer to top four-year colleges or universities next fall.

New College Scholarship Opens for High-Achieving, Low-Income Students Nationwide

Lansdowne, VA - The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation opened a new college scholarship for high-achieving, lower-income high school seniors who seek to attend the country's best four-year colleges and universities.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Hosts 12th Annual Scholars Weekend

Lansdowne, VA - To advance its commitment to supporting exceptional students with financial need, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is hosting its 12th annual Scholars Weekend, August 1-4, at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA.          

Two Washington, DC Area Students Recognized by Foundation for Outstanding Achievement in Community Service

Lansdowne, VA - The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation announces recipients of the Matthew J. Quinn Prize and the Matthew J. Quinn Youth Leadership Award, Yasmine Arrington and Eva Albalghiti, respectively.  Both are Foundation Scholars and Washington, DC area residents who are recognized for outstanding achievement in community service.

Are We Rome? Libertarian Filmmakers and Filmgoers Convene in Las Vegas July 10-13

Las Vegas, NV --  "Are We Rome?" That's the question libertarian filmmakers and filmgoers will be considering at the Anthem Film Festival in Las Vegas July 10-13. According to festival promoter Mark Skousen, "For 200 years Rome was the superpower, known for its military prowess, rule of law, advanced art and architecture, generous welfare programs and personal liberties.

New Documentary Explores North Korean Propaganda; "Juche Strong" takes an unprecedented look into the isolated country's national ideology

Washington, DC -- A new documentary exposes the sophisticated propaganda apparatus of North Korea. Juche Strong takes a hard look at the nation's carefully crafted ideology, which is largely misunderstood by outsiders. The film is based on original footage recently shot in the country.


New York, NY - Coinciding with the 85th annual Academy Awards, the Moving Picture Institute has given out five positive -- and five negative -- awards to some of Hollywood's most noteworthy 2012 films.


Academy Award Films Praised and Panned by Pro-Freedom Film Foundation

New York, NY - Coinciding with the 85th annual Academy Awards, the Moving Picture Institute is giving out five positive -- and five negative -- awards to some of Hollywood's most noteworthy 2012 films.