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Advocacy Ink is a full-service public relations firm located in the metro D.C. area. Our clients include authors, organizations, issue campaigns, and candidates. Our mission is to advance free market principles and the client’s PR goals.

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Advocacy Ink will get your issue the “ink” you need to win – by the column inch, online and over the airwaves.  We’re proud of our track record and our clients’ efforts to further free market principles and their organizations’ goals.  Armed with our media relationships and your message, we’ll help you succeed.  Contact us today for a proposal and our media menu, including:

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What We Do

Advocacy Ink has an extensive background with non-profit organizations, authors and political campaigns.  We maximize your budget while maintaining a focused and consistent message.  We work across all platforms of media: print, TV, radio, blogs, online ads, and 3rd party e-mail advertising.  

Press Releases Launches Radio Campaign; There’s Another Side to the Charter School Story

Philadelphia, PA - has launched a radio ad campaign to tell the other side of the charter school financing story. The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) has attacked charter schools and their advocates recently, claiming that charter school funding is draining resources from traditional public school classrooms.

The Reason Elysium Isn’t A Glimpse Into the Future; EconPop YouTube Series Examines Economic Themes in Movies

Austin, TX - EconPop isn't your average pop-culture review show. EconPop uses humor to examine how popular films portray economic ideas such as income inequality, price controls, and supply and demand. This week's episode covers The Economics of Elysium.

News: Largest Scholarship in the Nation for Community College Students Now Accepting Applications

Lansdowne, VA - The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation invites applications for its Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship, the largest private scholarship in the country for community college transfer students. As many as 85 students from a nationwide applicant pool will receive up to $40,000 per year for three years of study at any four-year accredited college or university of their choosing.

Victory for Accountability in Philadelphia Schools

Philadelphia, PA - The Philadelphia's School Reform Commission (SRC) will cancel their labor contract with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers after a 2 year fight. According to School Reform Commission Chairman William J. Green, these changes will provide nearly $44M to students this school year and almost $200M over the next four years.

Week 3 of Campaign; Ads focus on superiority of charter schools and tax credit scholarships

Philadelphia, PA - Choice Media has unveiled ads 5 and 6 in the 4 week campaign, which will air eight 30-second ads on all four network television stations in the Philadelphia market. This positive campaign features local parents sharing personal stories about their experiences with charter schools or tax credit schol

Choice Media Announces Major Campaign to Promote Charter School and Tax Credit Scholarship Options for Parents in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA - Choice Media is launching on Sunday, September 14, a major media campaign involving a website, Facebook page, television commercials, YouTube videos, Twitter & Facebook ads, traditional newspaper ads and earned media coverage.  The campaign will include eight separate 30-second television c

YouTube Comedy Series EconPop Spoofs Back To School Film; YouTube Show Examines Economic Lessons In The Rodney Dangerfield Classic Comedy

Austin, TX - Just in time for the new school year, the YouTube web series EconPop released "The Economics of Back to School." The series, created by the Moving Picture Institute (MPI) and Emergent Order and hosted by MPI fellow and comedian Andrew Heaton, is not your average movie review show: EconPop uses humo

Largest Undergraduate Scholarship in the Nation Available to High-Achieving, Low-Income Students

Lansdowne, VA - The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation invites applications for its College Scholarship Program, the largest undergraduate scholarship in the country.