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Advocacy Ink is a full-service public relations firm located in the metro D.C. area. Our clients include authors, organizations, issue campaigns, and candidates. Our mission is to advance free market principles and the client’s PR goals.

Public Relations

Advocacy Ink will get your issue the “ink” you need to win – by the column inch, online and over the airwaves.  We’re proud of our track record and our clients’ efforts to further free market principles and their organizations’ goals.  Armed with our media relationships and your message, we’ll help you succeed.  Contact us today for a proposal and our media menu, including:

  • Op-ed placement
  • Targeted talk radio shows
  • Press conference planning
  • Television interviews
  • Editorial board briefings
  • New media strategies and placement
  • Book tours and film screening promotions

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What We Do

Advocacy Ink has an extensive background with non-profit organizations, authors and political campaigns.  We maximize your budget while maintaining a focused and consistent message.  We work across all platforms of media: print, TV, radio, blogs, online ads, and 3rd party e-mail advertising.  

Press Releases

Today’s FCC Actions Create ObamaNet, and Americans Will Suffer for It

The following statement may be attributed to Mike Wendy, President of

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Seeks Brightest 7th Graders with Financial Need for Prestigious National Scholarship

Lansdowne, VA - The most generous and personalized five-year scholarship and educational support program in the nation is accepting applications for its Young Scholars Program, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation announced today.

Robocop in the Classroom? EconPop YouTube Series Examines Economic Themes in Movies

Austin, TX - There are many popular movie review web series on the Internet, but only EconPop uses humor to explore how popular films portray economic ideas.

The Chairman Proposes to “Kelo" Wired and Wireless Broadband Networks via Title II

The following statement - in response to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's Open Internet / Net Neutrality outline presented in Wired today - may be attributed to Mike Wendy, President of 

Cooke Foundation Convenes First-of-Its-Kind Summit of School Leaders to Close the Excellence Gap for High-Achieving, Low-Income Students

LANSDOWNE, VA - The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, which offers the largest scholarships in the country to exceptionally promising students who have financial need, is convening a two-day summit of national school leaders and experts in order to strategize about how schools and others can bridge the "achievement" or "excellence gap"-i.e., the troubling

Cooke Foundation Releases Report on Increasing Access for Community College Students to Four-Year Colleges

LANSDOWNE, VA - Many more community college students could succeed at four-year colleges and universities, says a report released today by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, if only they were given the right tools and the opportunity. At present, while the majority of community college students aspire to complete a bachelor's degree, as few as 12% manage to do so.

Philadelphia Kickoff of National School Choice Week

Philadelphia Kickoff of National School Choice Week

JOIN US in celebrating National School Choice Week, an annual event that shines a spotlight on the need for effective education options for all children. Tickets are free to media and include a breakfast buffet and panel discussion.